Ancient Santorini Tour with Beer Tasting


Semiprivate: 15:30- 18:30
Private: You may choose the time

Duration: 3 hours

  • Archaeological Site of Akrotiri

Akrotiri is a Minoan Bronze Age settlement, originally constructed around 4,500 B.C. By 1450 BC, it was destroyed first by an earthquake and then by the volcanic eruption of Thera. A new town was built on the ruins of the old town until it was destroyed by the volcanic eruption about one century later and remained buried until 1860.

  • Ftelos Brewery

Includes the beer tastings of 6 beers, paired with a delicious platter of selected delicacies for each attendant.

The guided tour is done by our expert guides who take the guests all around the facilities letting them take photos and explain to them about the different kinds of machinery that they can see from our taproom inside the production area as well as about how our beers are produced. During the beer tasting, we offer information regarding the quality specifications and the ingredients of its beer accompanied with a luxurious snack that includes: traditional cheese from Xanthi, a potato salad with herbs and confit cherry tomatoes, beef pastrami, sausage from Kalamata orange-flavored, breadstick.!

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